Nevin Says Prolonged Break Due to Coronavirus Will Lead to Prolonged Careers


Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin claims that the extended break during the coronavirus pandemic may actually be beneficial to Willian Borges da Silva’s likes.

“We always used to say five or six weeks was about the minimum to get back after a big summer break, but in reality, this rarely happens with many of the players now.” Nevin told the official website of Chelsea. “With World Cups, Euros, Copa America and so on, how much do you get off this entire summer now?”

Nevin believes the 31-year-old has already been willing to maintain his results to match existing expectations longer than initially expected.

The break is enabling ageing stars like him to further extend their playing careers, with a welcome rest period:

“This was the type of break that a professional athlete almost really gets after a long-term injury. At the time when we are surrounded by the awful news of COVID-19’s terrible consequences for so many people, this break might in some ways prove to be a great help to some players’ fitness and health in the long term.

“I look at someone like Willian and think a prolonged break made him better. It may even prolong his career.”


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