Nani Says Former Man Utd Teammate Ronaldo Was Always Planning on Leaving for Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo dropped hints about leaving Manchester United well before pressing through a record-breaking move to Real Madrid, confirmed his former teammate Nani recently.

He told United’s official podcast: “We’d continue and have tournaments at the end of the training. Anderson and Ronaldo were my team-mates, everyone has the best buddies or others they are more confident with and they were my support.”

He spoke about the time building up to the transfer and the actual transfer surprising everyone: “Ronaldo frankly told us ‘I’m here for six or seven years, I guess it’s enough for me.’ he said few times. So it’s always been ‘I’ll see, I’ll see,’ so we never figured it would be so quickly. He made a fantastic season after we won the league in the second year. When he left and we were all shocked.”


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