Muller Aware of the Significance of Germany Resuming Bundesliga Safely


Thomas Muller is mindful of the crucial position that he and his teammates have been put in with the return to action of the Bundesliga this weekend in Germany, reports Marca.

His team Bayern Munich was triumphant on their Bundesliga debut after the return, defeating Union Berlin 2-0.

Muller ventured to suggest that the lack of supporters may have been a drawback to their hosts. “If they were a goal down and their supporters had a corner that would have made a difference, we have to accept that.” Muller said.

He also confessed that Bayern wasn’t at its peak. Nevertheless, the player acknowledges that the nation is closely monitoring their every move.

“A lot is being achieved to prevent infections.” Muller said after the game on Sunday. “Yet we can’t ignore that we are being monitored more rigorously than the whole of Germany and that our conduct needs to be exemplary.”



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