Mourinho Says He Was Harsh on the Inter Team but They Still Remain His Family


Jose Mourinho acknowledged that during his tenure with the treble-winning side of 2009-10 he was a “d*ckhead” to his Inter team.

“There were people at Inter waiting for someone like me to complete the puzzle. I’m never fake, I’m just original: it’s me and it’s me. I was a d*ckhead, too, but that was me,” Mourinho told Gazzetta dello Sport. “Relationships exist: you play, I coach. The willingness to embrace me as I am relies on empathy – it’s like a puzzle.”

However, he really felt like the club was still a big family. He announced that he was still talking to his former driver at Inter, 10 years after he quit San Siro, to prove how much of a home Inter had been to him.

The Portuguese, who had been asked to elaborate on his comments, pointed to a 3-1 loss in January 2009, after which he lost his balance and would have to apologize to the squad:

“Regarding the setback against Bergamo in particular, I was really angry with the team- I told them that they deserved the Scudetto of sh*t. I just realized later that I had upset them and apologised.”


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