Mourinho Expects Football to Return with Revolutionized Transfer Market


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has expected a dramatic shift in the transfer market until football returns.

Mourinho’s squad resumed training after relevant tests. Apart from his already-secured players, he has much to say about players’ incoming to the team as well as their transfers away.

For one, he doesn’t believe the transfer window will operate as scheduled. “The first questions after that is will be when will the transfer window be? I don’t think it will be in July or August anymore, it has to go further than that,” he told Sky Sports.

Mourinho also claims the Premier League will need a new strategy with the coronavirus epidemic affecting the finances of clubs, as all leagues around the world will.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the 57-year-old expects big fees in the transfer market to be a thing of the past for now:

“It is normal you are going to have a different market, I don’t see the world – especially the football world – ready for some crazy numbers we used to have.

“I would like my club to be what I know what we will be: sensible, balanced and not going to spend rivers of money. We are trying to respect the situation, not just football but the situation in the world and society overall.

“But it is the last thing we are thinking, we are not thinking about it. There are no talks about it. We think about safety and following every rule.”

The Bundesliga has already resumed and Mourinho wants to follow through playing again, with a visit of Manchester United’s former club their next fixture.

The Premier League, however, has yet to set a date for a return, but after being postponed in March, top-flight clubs gave the green light to phase two of training as they approached a restart inch forward.

“Since the moment the Bundesliga started, since the Portuguese and Spanish leagues announced a date to restart, that is the most difficult moment for us,” Mourinho said.

He added, “We want to play, it’s hard to see other countries playing football and we don’t do it. German professionals are giving the world something they love and we are not.

“But we trust what the authorities and Premier League are doing. When they say it’s the moment to start, we want to do it.”

In January, Spurs bought Steven Bergwijn from PSV for £27million while also breaking their club record to sign Tanguy Ndombele last summer for a reported £55million. Such big figure transactions may very well end, per Mourinho.


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