Morato on the Best Defenders He Has Played in His Career


In quotes picked up by AS, Atletico forward Alvaro Morata discussed some of the very best he’s faced with.

“Chiellini, I don’t know if he’s doing it intentionally, but when he meets me, he’s always destroying me,” Morata said with a laugh.

“Sergio Ramos is also a tough defender, while when you go against Virgil Van Dijk it seems like you hit a mountain,” the forward said.

Morata had a few years up and down, breaking out at Juventus, winning the Champions League with Real Madrid in a supporting role, then heading to Chelsea where he struggled.

He also got a bad reputation in his time in England for shirking from the battles against tough central defenders. Despite his top-quality heading skills, defenders do get him the better of him physically all too often.

Now, he plays in Atletico. He has come up against some of Europe’s toughest defenders along the way in this journey. He would be the ideal person to list the best defenders, so as to say.




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