Moggi Says the Economic Crisis Will Have Violent Effects on the Transfer Market in Football


The Mauro Icardi agreement is indicative of how the transfers will be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, Agent Alessandro Moggi claims.

“The effects of the economic crisis on football will be violent,” warned Moggi in the Corriere dello Sport. “Fewer big stars will leave the top clubs because they don’t want to lose value. If a player is worth €80m and you could only sell him today for €50m, you’re better off holding on for another year.

“All this generates a contraction of values and a tendency to exchange players rather than purchase them. That’s not to say there will be fewer moves as if anything they’ll increase, but they’ll be more cost-effective.”

He estimates a 30% cut in transfer fees: “For example, Icardi had an option to buy worth €70m, but it is closed for €50m plus bonuses. I imagine all fees will likely be reduced by 30 per cent”

Indeed, Inter announced today that Icardi had completed his move to Paris Saint-Germain, but this was reported for €50 m plus up to €8 m in bonuses rather than the agreed €70 m fee.


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