Milan Wants Memphis Depay but Will Have to Be Admitted to Europe First


Milan has targetted Memphis Depay as a potential incoming talent, but may have to give up on him if Lyon is planning not to participate in Europe.

Depay’s deal only ends in June 2021, and the Dutchman is reportedly recovering from a broken anterior cruciate ligament. Before his knee injury, Depay scored 14 goals in 18 competitive games this season.

The Rossoneri showed interest in the 26-year-old, who had already approached him last year. The problem, in this case, is that Milan is not currently in the European spots either, meaning that they may face heavy competition from elsewhere.

As such, Depay is ‘more likely to look elsewhere’, said club president Jean-Michel Aulas, if Milan is not admitted to Europe in time.

“Memphis told me that he will be ready to discuss the situation when he gets back,” Aulas told Le Progres. “His agents said that he is more likely to look elsewhere if we are not participating in Europe next season.”


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