Mendy Talks about Resuming Training Soon and Observing Ramadan


Benjamin Mendy, defender of Manchester City, cannot wait to return to the training pitch after the inadvertent two-month break due to the coronavirus lockdown.

“I can’t wait” said the winner of the World Cup. “We are just waiting for the green light. We’ll start on this date and that date everywhere we see.”

He is waiting for the arrival of that text message to tell him that soccer has the green light to come back:

“Now I’m waiting for the guys to write us to tell us the league will start at this time and we’ll be so happy.”

During lockdown, Mendy began painting and improved his cooking skills which coincided with Ramadan’s start.

“Football has been missing for all the people, but now for Muslims it means I can be more focused on Ramadan,” he said (via Sky Sports). “We can’t train, we can fast, but the mosques are closed, and at Eid, we can’t go out and see family.

“That’s how I missed soccer, but it makes you focus on the most important things. I’ve tried every day to develop myself and learn.”

A resumption of play for the Premier League is scheduled for next month and City left-back Mendy is ecstatic.

“But I know when we are back, they will take all the precautions,” he said, however. “It’s not like they’re going to just say ‘let’s go play,’ they’re going to check it out and I think that’s why it takes time.”

“And when? We don’t know, we can’t make a decision about anything, we need to follow the club. I think we all want to protect people first and then why not if we can play then? We ‘re going to wait and see,” he added.

This week, the Premier League started stepping up ‘Project Restart’ as players embarked on a phased return to training in small, socially distant groups.


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