Megan Rapinoe Critiques Donald Trump for His Mismanagement of the Nation


U.S. women’s national team member Megan Rapinoe has once again blamed Donald Trump for the condition in which the country currently is.

She called Trump a “white nationalist,” while criticizing his presidential contributions. “I think we know immigration does not cause job losses. In fact, immigration is good for the economy.” Rapinoe told VICE. “We know that women in the labor force are good for the economy. We know that equality is good for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for the economy.”

She goes on about incarceration, “We recognize that excessive incarceration is terrible for us because, in the long term, it actually ends up costing us more money, the war on drugs, everything. I guess that’s proved to be very harmful.”

She labelled him as a racist dictator who creates nothing but hate:

“Now, clearly, we have a white nationalist, I guess, in the White House and the spewing of hate and the ‘othering’ of the majority of the world has contributed only to more conflict between countries and more despair and more tension and more uncertainty moving forward.”


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