Marsch Thinks His Former Charge and Japanese Footballer Would Thrive at Liverpool


Jesse Marsch thinks Japanese star Takumi Minamino has what it takes to be successful at Liverpool,

He suggested that his former charge would be ideal for Liverpool if he was put in the place of Roberto Firmino. “Firmino is so fantastic at it but I hope Taki should do it as well,” the American told the Blood Red podcast.

He went on: “I think he would be perfect in Roberto Firmino’s place because he’s able to do some pushing against the ball, but then with the game, he gets into nearly 10 places for build-up and gets to the box to score goals.

“And I think he can play the eight position they’re playing in the midfield, with the two wide spots where he’s ready to press and help pick up balls but he’s also piece of the build-up stages.”

“He won’t be the best to play the position Salah and Sadio are playing. They are used in very explosive transition movements,” he concluded.


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