Marotta Promises to Replace Lautaro with a Top Player


Inter chief executive Giuseppe Marotta hopes that Barcelona will not offer the release fee for Lautaro Martinez but pledged to substitute the forward if he quits.

“It’s hard to speak about his future right now, but I’m telling him-stay focused on the present, there’s a season that’s going to resume, there’s goals to hit,” the Inter CEO told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

He does not want to replace Lautaro, but is prepared to do so in case Barcelona actives his release clause:

“They don’t want to sell Lautaro. He is young, has his own potential and is a practical item for Conte. Of course, there is a clause.

“I don’t know what Barcelona thinks, they might have alternatives too. I hope they are not paying for that clause. If Lautaro leaves, another top player will come in.”


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