Manchester United’s Transfer Policy Critiqued by Lyon Defender


“United has not become a champion for 7 years. Some things were done wrong,” said Rafael Pereira da Silva while talking to ESPN GB.

The Lyon defender, who played for Manchester United from 2008 to 2015, criticized the Red Devils transfer policy. “We started signing expensive players and paying them a lot. I don’t agree with that. If a player costs €170 million, it does not mean that he is suitable for the team. It depends on the player.”

Rafael also said, “I think it is necessary to combine. Buy a few expensive players, but not everyone. I also support the club and understand that they want to see the best players, but whether they will be the best for United is yet to be seen. You need to sign players who want to play for United not because they are willing to pay a lot.”

He even gave examples to substantiate his claims, “Look at Chicharito how hard he played. He wanted to play. How much did they pay for him? It is not a lot of. You need to be smarter.”


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