Mahrez Admits to Falling Short When He First Joined Manchester City


Riyad Mahrez and the majority of the City squad started full contact practices at the beginning of the month ahead of the June 17 Premier League restart.

It was not always this easy-going for Mahrez however. The 29-year-old admits that during his first few months in Manchester City he fell short of the required standard.

“I didn’t make a difference as fast as they thought I’d make,” Mahrez said to Sky Sports.

But, after a “difficult” settlement, he gradually built up his confidence back up in time: “I was performing now, when he played me, so the confidence is here.”

“So, certainly they have no time to give me time because we’re 20 top players,” he said about the time he was just starting out at the Etihad. “I was on the bench and the other players were playing, so I had a hard time coming back. Then, more to the end of the season I came back, I played well and I started this season differently.”


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