Macek Has Only Praise for Haaland


Stanislav Macek has revealed an amusing story regarding Erling Haaland’s goal on being the greatest in the world at football. In doing so, he praises his passion for football as well.

“He understands what he wants,” he says to AS. “I’m going to tell you a story. In Salzburg, he had a Norwegian girlfriend who was going to meet him. A couple days later, she went back as he informed her that he needed to focus on football alone.”

Stanislav Macek is Slovakia’s under-18 manager and was brought to Haaland in August, when he worked with Austrian coach Jesse Marsch as well. This was only before Haaland first introduced himself to the world and won a transfer in January to Dortmund, where he is going to progress in the near future.

“I was so surprised after meeting him.” Macek notes. “He was a kid behaving as a mature adult. He’s very confident what his target is. He tells me: ‘To get there, you don’t have to work quickly just work hard.’ He’s done it without a break. He’s played hardly since he arrived in Salzburg and now he’s getting all the attention.”

Macek sees a bright future for Haaland at Real Madrid. He says, “If he continues to develop like he is, certainly we’ll see him again in a bigger team in no time like Madrid. All of the best has also been the greatest to compete in Madrid and Haaland. He’s a player built for Madrid without a doubt.”

“I believe he’s making a major leap. He’s one of Germany’s greatest,” he concludes.


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