Lyon President Suggests Play-offs to Complete Ligue 1 Season Interrupted by Coronavirus Pandemic


Jean-Michel Aulas claims the Ligue 1 season will be ended by play-offs. Since the 2019-20 season was postponed owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Aulas claims that games played on a one-off basis behind closed doors might be an ideal solution to finish this season.

UEFA has also confirmed that they want all domestic league seasons finished by August 2, and that the qualifying for next season’s continental tournaments will be based on “sporting merit” rather than on any other arbitrary grounds.

Aulas said: “I read what UEFA said carefully, they wanted us to go all the way to the end of the tournaments, even though we would have to compete on a shortened basis and in August.”

However, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared that no sporting events will be allowed to take place until September and confirmed that Ligue 1 could not resume before then in the midst of the ongoing fight against coronavirus, with France still in a lockdown.

“Till September, no major sporting activities can’t happen,” he said on Tuesday at a national assembly. “We can’t go back to 2019-20 football season.”


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