Lyon President Aulas Displeased with French Football for Ending Prematurely Due to the Pandemic


Jean-Michel Aulas, president of Lyon, remains furious over the suspension of the French championship due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, there are no intentions for resuming football in France, which makes him more mad.

“UEFA has asked everyone to be patient. [But] When we see our leaders making completely different decisions, I feel like an idiot,” Aulas told L’Equipe. “UEFA has published a medical protocol, and we in France haven’t even looked at it. It’s an absolute scandal.”

France is the only one of the five strongest European leagues to end the football season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The French League (LFP) decided in late April that the 2019/20 season must be ended prematurely due to the pandemic. Only 28 of the planned 38 rounds were played, when the current situation on the table was declared final.

Lyon was in seventh place at the time of the break and will therefore be without a place in Europe for the first time in a quarter of a century.

Meanwhile, PSG was declared the champions, while second-placed Marseille won a direct place in the Champions League next season. Amiens and Toulouse have lost first-league status.

Germany continued with the championship, which is expected from both Spain and Italy. The only country still uncertain is England.

“It is paradoxical that a country like Spain, which has more deaths than France, reacts and finds a way to play football,” he added.

The Lyons president was angry. “I swear I would have reacted equally [that is, in the same way] had Lyon secured the Champions League.”


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