Luka Jovic Diagnosed with Fractured Foot Bone by Real Madrid Medical Services


Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic has been diagnosed with an extra-articular fracture in the calcaneus bone of the right foot.

The broken bone may have a catastrophic effect Jovic’s valuation in this season’s transfer window.

Most clubs’ plans for buying and selling players have already been disrupted due to COVID-19. The spread of the virus has led to the cancellation of all football events. This has put many clubs in financial trouble, which in turn has squandered players’ value in the transfer market.

Jovic too has been affected by this. When originally it was rumoured that Real Madrid might sell him to AC Milan this summer, now it seems likely that they may hold on to him rather than accept a reduced sum for the player.

The tests on Jovic’s ankle were carried out today by the Real Madrid Medical Services. There is no guessing what Real might decide, with this new development possibly changing Jovic’s standing with the club.

Information about the was announced in Real Madrid official website. More on the player might be added later.


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