Loris Karius Will No Longer Play for the Turkish Side Besiktas


Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius says that at the Turkish side of Besiktas, they have come to an agreement to severe ties professionally.

The 26-year-old was in his second year of spell in Istanbul and had made 30 appearances before the coronavirus halted the season.

Karius has “terminated” his two-year loan contract with the club over a mutual agreement. The agreement included the cancellation of Karius’ contract, with Besiktas owing him £400,000 of unpaid salaries.

“It’s important to me that you know that I really enjoyed playing a lot for this club. Besiktas can always be proud to have such passionate fans behind them, always giving them incredible support.” he said on Instagram. “You have also helped me in good and difficult days, and I will always regard you in the best way. I would also like to thank all my team-mates, coaching staff, and all those who work with the club, for that. From the first day you welcomed me with wide open arms.”

Last month the German reported Besiktas to FIFA for a second time for unpaid salaries, while a compromise between the two sides was apparently near to being reached without Fifa’s interference.

Karius said, “For months I have been very careful reminding the board over and over again. Same problems have already occurred last year.” The German added that Besiktas had “refused even my suggestion to help with a pay cut.”

Karius ended by saying that it was a “shame it’s come to an end like this.”


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