Lloris Believes Liverpool to Be the True Premier League Champion


Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris claims it will be “cruel” for Liverpool to be denied the Premier League championship owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

While players and clubs intend to end the 2019-20 season, Lloris hopes it doesn’t come for that, particularly for Liverpool.

“This will be tragic if it stopped nine days before the end of the Premier League. Liverpool’s advantage will also be unfair. They’re almost champions,” the France International told L’Equipe.  “Like for everybody, it will be a feeling of unfinished business. On top of that, we reach the most amazing phase, the season’s most beautiful moment. No one wants to see things finish like this.”

Liverpool was just two wins removed from their first trophy in 30 years before the Premier League went down in March as a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic, as other major leagues around Europe. They are at the top of the table 25 points away from closest Manchester City rivals.

In reaction to the pandemic, France’s Ligue 1 and the Netherlands’ Eredivisie have already proclaimed their seasons ended, however the Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Series A remain resolved to restart when it is secure.

The prospect of resumption was debated by clubs in June, while games should almost definitely be behind closed doors and likely at neutral locations in an attempt to satisfy policy limits on big gatherings.

But the hope relies on regulatory permission and accordance with strict protection standards, which ensures that the risk of trying to end the season in any other manner remains constant.

Lloris adds, “We’re in a position where everybody needs to stop and have the final decision.”


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