Liverpool Opens Melwood Training Base Again with Strict Quarantine Protocols


Liverpool has made the first step in returning to usual by partly reopening the Melwood training base this week to several teams, confirms Goal.

Entry to the Melwood building itself is forbidden, with the club clearly ensuring that the return of the players is a realistic one.

A lot of Jurgen Klopp’s squad- but not all of them at all- have thus relocated to the West Derby base of the Reds, which had been shut down since mid-March.

Since Monday, groups of three players were permitted to use outdoor training spaces at any one time. They were told to stick to specific social distancing guidelines, each participant was granted keys to an isolated room that they could use for up to an hour, their progress being tracked from a distance by a single club medical staff member.

Players are granted their own running routines to pursue on their own time, while they aim to keep ticking around fitness-wise. The players have nonetheless been unable to practice in public parks or run on streets outside their homes owing to the attention that they draw.

None of the Reds’ coaching staff, including Klopp, have returned, with group practices still being done centrally via Zoom, where players and workers help for regular stretching practices and exercise.


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