Lilian Thuram Names the Toughest Opponent He Has Played against


Lilian Thuram, the legendary French footballer has revealed who was his toughest opponent.

In his career, Munitis played for Real, with whom he won the European title, and for Racing and Deportivo. He played 21 games for Spain and scored two goals. Thuram also wore the jerseys of the French national team, Monaco, Parma, Juventus and Barcelona played against some of the greatest footballers in history from the year 1991 to the year 2008.

He surprised with the choice of the player who caused him the most problems. Thuram named Pedro Munitis the toughest opponent he played against in the 2000 Euro quarter-finals and in France’s 2-1 victory. Then Thuram made a penalty on Munitis that was realized by Mendieta.

“I don’t remember the names of the players and the stadium very well, but I remember Pedro Munitis very well. He is the footballer who gave me the most problems on the pitch. I wondered who this man was. I remember my teammate Karambeu calming me down by telling me that Munitis has only passed me once. Sometimes I have nightmares because of him,” Thuram told RMC Sport. “I couldn’t do anything to him. I remember how relieved I was when the Spanish coach replaced him. I will never forget that sense of relief.”



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