Lehmann: Coronavirus Not a Big Problem for Young and Fit Footballers


Former goalkeeper of the Arsenal, Jens Lehmann, has supported the return of the Bundesliga, saying the coronavirus is not a “big concern” for healthy, young athletes.

Lehmann, who got more than 400 appearances in the Bundesliga when playing with Schalke, Dortmund and Stuttgart, himself suffered from COVID -19. The 50-year-old said the disease shouldn’t be a significant problem for active athletes.

“We have a number of players who were really infected, and most of them didn’t have any signs too. So, I guess it’s not such a major problem for young and fit people with a good immune system,” Lehmann said. “As long as the signs aren’t too bad, I guess players have to deal with it.”

Lehmann agrees that the Bundesliga is making the correct decision, claiming the public would have to learn to deal with the epidemic.

“In the end, you have to deal with it, for the only aspect on which this shutdown is based is the expectation that we can finally discover a vaccine or other treatment that can heal it. But just hope is there.” Lehmann told beIN Sports. “Of course, you can’t shut down everything, because of that. But you’ve got to get on with it.”


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