LASK Loses Leading Place in Austrian Bundesliga Due to Disregard of Medical Protocol


For breaking the coronavirus-related safety rules in practice sessions, Austrian Bundesliga leaders LASK have been docked 12 points.

Because of the decision, LASK dropped to second in the Bundesliga rankings, three points behind the defending champions and Red Bull Salzburg.

LASK offered a formal apology for breaking rules of social isolation, however was eventually unable to prevent a serious reprimand.

The team released an official announcement stating their intention to appeal the decision, which reads: “This afternoon we got the Senate 1 judgment verbally.

“We find the fines outlined in the judgment to be a 12-point reduction until points are split, and the fine amount of €75,000 is excessive.”

They decided to appoint the Bundesliga complaint committee as a second-instance panel after reviewing the present ruling: “We then exercised our right, and opposed the unreasonable decision instantly.”


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