Klopp Enjoys Watching the Great Games Played in the Bundesliga Return


Jurgen Klopp liked watching the Bundesliga back, and maintains that matches behind closed doors will always provide sufficient nourishment for those who want a football fix.

“Look, I love it.” he told the official website of Liverpool, following a weekend of games in his home country which included a 4-0 win over Schalke for Dortmund. “And the football games were pretty good: great goals, real fighting, competitive and clear games, straightforward results, proper battle.”

The German top flight resumed over the weekend, and Liverpool boss Klopp said that the lack of supporters did not dampen his excitement of the show:

“I know, football behind closed doors of course, it’s not the same thing. Why do we have to mention it? We all love it when we have contact, when people cheer us up, when they push us through the yards and all that stuff. We love that but we can’t have it.

“It seems like it’s going to be possible to play behind closed doors – as it’s always so in Germany.”

He also commented on his own styling of viewing football:

“I’m a strange person in this part. I’m just interested in the game when I watch football. I watch them most of the time without sound, because I don’t want to hear the commentary. So, it is absolutely natural for me now to watch certain games of football. I love the game, I care about what they’re doing and stuff like this.”


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