Kieran Trippier Is Under Investigation for Betting in Violation of FA Rules


Kieran Trippier was charged with suspected infringements of the FA’s betting laws in 2019.

England’s 29-year-old star of the 2018 World Cup semi-finals moved from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid in July 2019.

The right-back gave a guarantee that he would continue to comply fully with the investigation. “I have fully complied with the FA’s investigation over the past several months on a voluntary basis and will continue to do so.”

The Atletico Madrid full-back said, in his own defence, “I want to make it clear that while a professional footballer, I have at no stage placed any football related bets or received any financial benefit from others betting.”

The FA claimed that the right-back “was charged with misconduct in relation to alleged infringements of the Betting Rules of the FA, in particular in relation to Rule E8(1)(a)(ii) and Rule E8(1)b), during the duration of July 2019.”



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