Keane Struggled Mentally after His Big Move to Everton


Michael Keane has admitted he reached “rock bottom” while struggling to deal with form and health problems since his big-money move to Everton.

“I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to meet anybody,” Keane told BBC Sport in an interview. “I was a little humiliated about how things were going on the field and I didn’t want to be noticed everywhere, didn’t want to do much at all.”

Everton’s failures caused him to lie too, out of humiliation. Then, he finally came clean to his family. The center-back has now found support by going to a sports counselor, helping him to “keep up”:

“It was a major turnaround time because I sort of came to my ‘rock bottom.’ From then on I grew stronger and stronger with the support of my family and friends so I began going to a sports psychologist that I still frequently do now to just keep dealing with things.”


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