Kalou Suspended by Chelsea for Sharing a Video wherein He Breaks Social Distancing Laws


After uploading a video online in which he violates social distancing codes, the longtime Chelsea attacker Salomon Kalou apologised for refusing to follow safety in the Hertha Berlin dressing room.

He shared a video in which he breaks the laws of social distancing, but then removed it. In the video, Kalou is seen entering the locker room, said hello and offered to shake hands to several of his team-mates. Then, he goes in to see defender Jordan Torunarigha being tested for Covid-19, and refuses the request from the doctor to leave the room.

Kalou later issued an apology to the club and the players: “I didn’t even think and was glad that the tests went negative for everybody and I would like to apologise to all who appeared without knowing in the video.”

He stated that the coronavirus pandemic is a serious problem for him: “I’m sorry if I give the illusion that I’m not taking coronavirus seriously. I apologise for that. The contrary is the case as I’m especially concerned about people in Africa, where there’s nowhere near as good medical treatment as in Germany.”

Hertha condemned the actions of the 34-year-old attacker as well. “In his video, Salomon Kalou gives the illusion that the Hertha BSC players do not take the health authorities’ social distancing and hygiene laws seriously.” a statement read on the club’s website.

It goes on, “Salomon Kalou broke basic internal team principles and displayed actions that is neither acceptable to the case nor in accordance with the club’s code of behaviour. Thus, Hertha BSC agreed to withdraw him completely from the training and game activities.”



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