Kahn Refuses to Confirm Transfer Speculations about Sane and Havertz  


Director of Bayern Munich Oliver Kahn says he’s “sceptical” concerning any big deals being made this summer at the club, in the wake of current speculation linking them to Leroy Sane and Kai Havertz.

Kahn told Sky 90 about Bayern’s involvement in Sane and Havertz : “Sane has an injury behind him, trying to find a connection step by step. I think it’s hard to talk about players who have a valid contract for work today.”

And, “Havertz is, of course, a big star, a brilliant athlete, but that doesn’t mean Bayern is involved in all such nice players. He’s got an ongoing deal until 2022.”

With top clubs expected to tighten their purse strings after a two-month football pause, Kahn is not positive whether the coronavirus epidemic would encourage Bayern to do any substantial business at all:

“There are entirely new issues to handle right now. I’m very pessimistic if the business continues at all. We’re looking for it right now, like other European clubs. I haven’t noticed that the clubs are willing to do major changes.”


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