Juventus Training Ground Now Open for the Three Players Who Recovered from Coronavirus


A medical study had revealed that patients with coronavirus can suffer from chronic respiratory problems after contracting the virus.

However, according to Tuttosport, the Juventus trio Blaise Matuidi, Daniele Rugani and Paulo Dybala have had no physical issues while resuming training after recovering from COVID-19.

Maurizio Sarri will have the trio available when the championship resumes. But Juventus advises that Dybala, who recovered after bearing the virus for more than 45 days, adopt a strict procedure.

This is because though Matuidi and Rugani never showed any symptoms and the tests were satisfactory, Dybala is still subject to strict controls every two days.

The report claims that the Argentine striker, like the rest of the team, is training at full capacity and is not suffering any physical issues when the practice is resumed.

Juventus promptly undertook extensive examinations of their players and staff, closely tracking the three team members who tested positive for the virus.


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