June 13 Is the New Date for Resuming Series A


The Lega Series A confirmed a tentative date for the re-opening of the 2019-20 fixture list from 13 June, with touch training scheduled to begin on Monday following the agreement of the medical protocol.

Following the proposed improvements to the medical procedure a go-ahead has been issued to resume group training on Monday, 18 May.

The new medical protocol, however, continues to cause confusion between clubs and, above all, chief physicians. There is a stumbling point of liability, as club physicians do not want to be held entirely accountable when coronavirus is contracted by a player.

Unlike the Bundesliga model, the physicians are responsible for not just isolating a player or a staff member and repeatedly testing the others, but much more.

A statement, despite this confusion, was released by the Lega Series A, confirming “the date of June 13 for the start of the season.”


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