Jorgino May Move Away from Being a Chelsea Midfielder to a European Club


Joao Santos, Jorginho’s agent, said that “two big European clubs” were in touch asking for the availability of the Chelsea midfielder.

Jorginho is already training with the rest of the Chelsea team for the resumption of the Premier League season as ‘project reset’ is starting to gain momentum in England.

Indeed, Santos also commented for Radio Musica Television:

“I can’t say much about the transfer market, but right now I’m not in contact with anyone.

“Jorginho only has three years remaining on his contract and is performing well at Chelsea, so [only] if a fairly big bid falls through maybe there might be a deal.”

“Two top European clubs, not Italian ones, have approached me in this case,” the representative for the Chelsea star said. “If you ask me if Sarri likes Jorginho, I will say ‘yes’ because of their past.”


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