Jorge Molina under Police Investigation for Operation Oikos


Jorge Molina is the newest footballer to be investigated by the Spanish police as part of the inquiry into a major match-fixing scandal.

The investigation, based around Operation Oikos, was a strict one. Apparently, there are signs that match-fixing was involved around the end of the 2018/19 season.

Valencia and Getafe took part in a battle for the final position in the Champions League, with the former away from Real Valladolid and the latter home to Villarreal.

Valencia’s 2-0 victory over Valladolid and Getafe’s 2-2 draw, from which they fell 2-0 down, and Villarreal meant that Los Che was fourth ahead of their rivals.

On the advice of the judge, the police are now looking into telephone calls between the parties involved. MARCA was granted access to the initial conversation between retired players Carlos Aranda and Paco Esteban, which took place the night before the final day of the season.

The chats between Aranda and Esteban name Molina in their conversation with WhatsApp. The police have now applied to investigate Molina’s phone in order to obtain more information, as a consequence of his name showing up.


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