Jens Lehmann Had Coronavirus but Is on His Way to Recovery


 Legendary Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has been declared to have regained his health, after having been infected with coronavirus in March.

“Yes, I got infected in mid-March, suffered from a cough and a fever. After two weeks of quarantine, I was declared to be healthy. It was easier than flu. But people that are at risk group have to be careful, of course. It probably helps to live reasonably healthy,” he confirmed in response to BILD.

Lehmann was also asked how he feels about the fierce criticism of his idea to allow at least 20 percent of the stadium’s capacity for the public: “I have not heard a reasonable counter-argument yet. If only every fourth place is taken, there is enough distance between each other. Anyone who violates the distance rule will be kicked out and banned from the stadium. In general, I think Schäuble’s statements are very good: we have to start up Germany again so that the economy can survive. This considers all sectors of the economy, including the Bundesliga.”

It seems nothing will faze this champion goalkeeper from playing!


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