Javier Saviola Calls Messi Difficult in an Attempt to Warn Lautaro Martinez


Argentine former professional footballer Javier Saviola warned Lautaro Martinez, who may be joining Barcelona in the coming season, that playing with football superstars like Messi is tough.

Quoted yesterday in the Catalan paper Sport, Saviola says, “Honestly, Lautaro is a player who might be useful to Barcelona but we know what it means to be next to Suarez, Messi and other great stars. I’m telling, it’s not easy to play with them.” Withh this, he warns the Argentine striker that playing with living legend Leo Messi is not easy.

Barcelona’s interest in Lautaro Martinez is well documented and it looked like the Inter Milan striker will be their top priority in this summer’s transfer market. The coronavirus chaos may have put such a move on hold, but that hasn’t stopped discussing the suggested move as if it’s still on course to happen.


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