Janssen Unhappy with Time at Tottenham


Dutch footballer Vincent Janssen admitted that he was unhappy by his tenure by Tottenham Hotspur. Though acknowledging that he had not ‘reached his potential’ in North London, Janssen suggested that Mauricio Pochettino had not provided him with enough opportunities.

Janssen scored just six goals from 12 starters and 30 substitutes in all competitions. It should be noted though, that he did garner a better reputation in 2016.

The 25-year-old told VTBL, “It wasn’t the time that I was looking for in Tottenham. As a 22-year-old boy from AZ, it was a fantastic move, but I didn’t get the minutes that I wanted. Also, I didn’t meet my potential.”

“Basically, you want to play again, be a footballer and be respected.” All in all, Janssen feels he didn’t prosper as much as he could have at Tottenham. He is now folding his trade with the Mexican side of Monterrey, where he scored 10 goals from 28 games.




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