Italian Minister of Health to Stop Series A Return If Any Player or Staff Is Infected


The Minister of Health Sandra Zampa states that ‘under the Series A policy, without a doubt, if anybody tests positive for COVID-19 inside a group, everything ends.’

The government and the CTS (scientific committee) submitted the medical procedure back to the FIGC, advising that changes needed to be made before they would allow restarting contact training on Monday.

The most significant argument is that if someone inside the community, whether a player or a team member, tests positive for COVID-19 after group training has ended, then the whole squad goes into quarantine for 15 days.

“The quarantine is instant, and it stops the whole season. If you don’t stop, instead, you will be stopped by virus. Loving football means taking care of the people working within it,” Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary for the Ministry of Health, told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

“Without hesitation, once someone in a group tests positive for COVID-19, it all ends,” the Minister continues. “The main explanation we talk about the resumption of Series A is related to the economic effects.”


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