Inter Seems to Have Sponsors Lined Up


Inter has revealed they are looking at several new sponsors, after announcing a €31.5 m drop in sales since March 2019.

“To date, we have a number of possible new sponsorship contracts in the pipeline, which, if finalised, will start from the beginning of the new fiscal year,” the club announced, according to

The club had revenues of €91,072 m in March 2019, down this spring to €59,587 m. The Inter Media and Communication report, released by Calcio e Finanza, showed a 34 per cent drop in sales and the Nerazzurri clarified that they are working on new deals.

The resolution with two Asian sponsors, Fulshare and King Dawn, caused the big drop leading to lower revenues of €15 m. The contract with marketing agency Beijing Yixinshije added a €18.7m decrease, while a final €5.3 decrease in revenue from a failure to recognize contractual performance bonuses prior to renegotiation and extension’ of Suning’s naming rights and sponsorship agreement.


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