Ibrahimovic Allowed to Return Home after Testing Negative for Coronavirus


Zlatan Ibrahimovic was allowed to break quarantine in order to return to his apartment after one week, as the Milan striker had twice tested negative for COVID-19.

The veteran confirmed his change of scenery with a picture of him looking over his balcony on Instagram and Twitter. “God iZ back and watches over you,” he wrote.

According to MilanNews.it, Ibrahimovic obtained two coronavirus swabs and both returned negative. He was therefore allowed to break quarantine briefly on his way to his apartment, where he was supposed to stay for another seven days.

He spent the entire lockdown in Sweden, returning on Monday, where he was taken straight to the Milanello training ground to stay in a quarantine bed.

However, before he can start training with the rest of the team, Ibrahimovic needs blood tests and a thorough medical review.


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