Ian Wright Harassed with Racial Taunts and Death Threats by Teenager on Instagram


Long-time Arsenal and England star Ian Wright shared a screenshot on Monday of racial taunts and death threats he received, claiming a teenage person had sent them to him on Instagram.

“I know I’m not supposed to look at them, but the messages still hit me so hard. It’s a kid!!!” wrote the Arsenal icon as he posted comments on social media about horrific racial violence he’s received. “This kid has a clear line through me and can send it with no worries.”

The Association of Professional Footballers said it is “unacceptable” that racial harassment of the type that Wright faced was not prevented, thus referring to his article by calling for social networks to take more measures against violence.

Arsenal sent a letter of encouragement to one of their best stars of all time via their official Twitter page, which says: “Racism has no place in football or wider society.”

Following this online outcry, police are investigating the teenage boy.

The boy in question has actually handed himself in to a police station in Ireland and investigators are now looking into the matter further.


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