Hungary Fans Can Enter Football Stadiums from Thursday Onward


The Hungarians continued the season last weekend, and the first games were played in front of empty stands.

From this Thursday, however, fans are allowed to enter the stadiums, but with strict measures.

For the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, outdoor sports events will be held in Hungary in the presence of fans. All this will be possible from adherence to strict epidemiological measures.

In the stands of football stadiums, it will be possible to use only every fourth seat. Between two occupied seats there will have to be three empty seats. Likewise, all the seats in front as well as those directly behind occupied ones must remain empty.

Moreover, the minimum distance between those present in the stands will have to be at least a meter and a half. Spectators still cannot enter the halls, and fans will only have access to venues that are not covered or are only partially covered.

The Hungarians thus finally made the move that they had previously hinted toward.


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