Hamann Believes Havertz Is Needed Most by Manchester United


Dietmar Hamann says that Manchester United is perceived to be the Premier League side most in “need” of Kai Havertz.

He told Sky Sports: “I believe he’s going to be involved in a number of Premier League games, he’s a great talent and there’s not much else around right now.

“Before the break people talked of three million, a hundred million, whether that’s a price every team is able to spend in the summer, I’m not certain, so the probability is that he’ll abandon Leverkusen to take on another competition in the summer.”

Kai Havertz will make Liverpool stronger, but the United are the ones that need to negotiate a trade for the starlet of Bayer Leverkusen:

“If you look at Manchester United, it’s quite obvious that they’re going to require more staff, so I hope any team will be changing pretty much. Liverpool is a little special in the way they line up and operate, but I think he’s developing every team besides.”


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