Grealish Will Drive Away Interested Clubs If He Continues Making Mistakes Off the Field


Grealish made for unpleasant news by violating the lockout policy during the coronavirus outbreak – forcing him to deliver a formal apology.

Former Villa and Liverpool striker Stan Collymore advised Jack Grealish that the “issues” he’s made off the field may scare off interested clubs.

“As an older man today, looking at any of these young kids, older players will today be willing to pick up the phone and tell ‘think about it – have a word about that’.” Collymore told SiriusXM.

He believes that Manchester United and Chelsea, both top flight clubs, may hesitate to show interest in Grealish:

“If you look at Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, who all might be looking at you, if he keeps making these kinds of mistakes, they just won’t take him.”

As such, he made sure to warn the player to get his act together:

“As for Jack Grealish, I did that. When he went to the party, I sent him a long mail. I informed him he had to make amends.

“I told him: ’You have nice people around you, you’ve let them down, but now it’s time to get back on track.’

“Like a prescription, he did what I suggested. He made a large contribution to a local hospital and he was forgiven.”

He added, “A major conversation-make sure the families, the doctors, the teams, hold their telephone lines accessible as the players are human as we all.”


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