Gravina Reveals That Clubs Wanted to Stop the Season So They Would Not Have to Pay Their Employees


FIGC President Gabriele Gravina claims that ‘some clubs tried to stop the season, maybe convinced that it would allow them to avoid paying wages.’

“We are the Italian Football Federation, so naturally our DNA pushes us to play football. It was with great sadness that I saw in the football world some doing everything to stop the season, perhaps convinced that it would allow them to avoid paying salaries to their employees,” he told Footbal Italia.

“It’s a perverse game from a football club that wants to stay off the field in order to limit the financial damage. All this just convinced me even more that I had to continue the battle.”

Federation chief Gravina spoke about the situation to Diritto dello Sport magazine and did not hold back on some of his criticisms. He was still hopeful of a return soon:

“I know how many Italians believe we should not go on playing, and I understand the sadness of seeing games behind closed doors, but if the economy of our country is to restart, then we cannot avoid including one of its most important industries.”

Today’s decisive meeting is between the FIGC, Lega Serie A and Sport Minister Vincenzo Spadafora to find out if and when the Series A season can resume after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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