Gomez Says Liverpool Will Return after the Break with Closer Bonds between Players


Joe Gomez warned that Liverpool will be even stronger after coronavirus-enforced break, with the Reds’ already well-formed team tightening bonds during the break.

“We had to reach out as individuals and stay connected by choice. That’s when you’re connecting closer and closer to each other because it was a tough time we’ve come through together,” the England international defender told the club’s official website.

He credits the enforced break as having tightened the team’s bonds: “Yes, I think so, but we needed to connect differently; it wasn’t the normal that was going in and meeting each other by force every day.

“In that sense it was beneficial that we were so connected as a team and kept the communication throughout the whole thing. I think having that time apart and then coming back together last week made it feel a lot more special.”

So, ironically, while other teams suffered a lapse of communication and practice, Liverpool was indirectly benefitted by the break.


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