Gavillucci Wrote His Book after AIA Dismissed Him via a Text Message


Former referee Claudio Gavillucci has confirmed that he has been ‘dismissed via text message’ and tells his colleagues that a consistent mechanism is not assured.

“I wrote my book after AIA rejected me in a text message,” he told Radio Kiss Kiss.

Gavilucci, who oversaw 50 matches in Serie A and another 74 in Italian Football’s second tier, released a book entitled: ‘The Man in Black. The Truth of an Uncomfortable Referee.’

He points out the mismanagement rampant at the Italian Referees’ Association (AIA) in this book:

“[A] Truthful man is one who has a truthful life.

“I decided to get to the bottom of the case, to understand whether there were the technical reasons behind that decision. I’ve learned a number of crucial things like reasons for discrimination.

“I noticed the inability to speak up, and the desire to hide everything. I place my hand over the flame to my bosses, who are not, sadly, covered by a straightforward program and who don’t function as they should.



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