French Transfer Window Reopens on June 8 Instead of the Usual July 1


The trade period in France normally opens on July 1, but clubs have been granted approval by the regulatory body to start dealing with other French clubs until the fiscal year ends on June 30.

On Monday, June 8, French teams will start making transfers again, the Professional Football League has reported.

In response to the crisis, FIFA gave permission to move (internally within France) for the summer transfer period as well as to extend agreements that end as most countries are working on finishing the campaign.

“On Monday 8 June 2020, the LFP Board of Directors decided to open the transfer period between French clubs.” read a statement from the LFP.

“The upcoming Board of Directors must decide the opening of the foreign trading window and the subsequent closure of the market in the light of the decisions of FIFA and the current negotiations with the other European Leagues.”

So, it is yet to be decided when the international window opens.


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