Former Schalke Play Kamba Believed to be Dead Now Found Alive 4 Years Later


Four years since being declared dead in a traffic crash, former Schalke defender Hiannick Kamba has been confirmed to be alive and well.

“Kamba claimed that his companions deserted him during the night while on a trip to the interior of the Congo in January 2016 and took his documents, money and phones,” prosecutor Anette Milk told Bild.

The Congolese defender sent a request to move to Germany in 2018, and recently returned back to Gelsenkirchen after a variety of barriers in the process. Now that he has resettled in Germany, the retired right-back is back at his old workplace, employed as a chemical engineer for an energy supplies firm.

The defender, who was Manuel Neuer’s team-mate at Schalke during the goalkeeper’s period, was pronounced dead in January 2016 following an unfortunate accident in his home country.

His team announced at the time that the former Schalke youth player had died fatally in the incident, but Kamba was now discovered alive in Gelsenkirchen as authorities are now conducting an investigation.

Milk claims a case is now being prosecuted against the ex-wife of Kamba, who is reported to have received a six-figure life insurance payout following supposed death of Kamba.

“The accused is charged with theft, but she does deny the truth. The cases remain in advance,” Milk said.

Kamba’s ex-wife says she discovered that after the news spread, she was liable for life insurance compensation. She sent paperwork to the insurance provider to confirm his death. But now she may be guilty of theft, with rumours claiming that she might have fabricated the papers.

Kamba, now 33, is himself identified as a witness in the prosecution of the crime, according to Bild.


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