Football Will Continue Only if Pressure on NHS Reduces


Scott Duxbury, the chairman and CEO of Watford, told The Guardian that “football is necessary at the moment”. He added that a resumption of top-level football in England would be off the table before the pressure on the NHS is less serious.

As for now, Watford has opened their stadium during the lockout to staff people from neighbouring Watford General Hospital as well as the Hemel Hempstead and St Albans hospitals.

Moreover, executive boxes have been converted into accommodation for NHS staff isolated from family members, conference rooms have been made available and 1,000 free meals are given daily free.

Before the Premier League meeting scheduled for Friday, and with the Bundesliga lined up as the first major league to restart after a coronavirus lockout, Duxbury said: “At this point, I feel uncomfortable even thinking about football because people are dying every day, there are pressures on the NHS, and that must be the goal.

“Do I want to get back football again? Yes, but when it’s secure and the government decides it’s good and all players and support staff who follow football can come back, then I’m 100 percent for that. However, at the moment, I believe that all attempts need to be made to fight the pandemic and help the NHS.”


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