FIGC Announces Series A to Be Finished with Playoffs if Interrupted Again


The Federal Council took place this afternoon with all the leading Italian football players, including FIGC President Gabriele Gravina, Lega Serie A Leader Paolo Dal Pino and those in charge of Series B and C.

And, FIGC has announced that Series A will end with a playoff scenario if the coronavirus stops the season again.

In an official statement, the FIGC vowed to restructure the configuration of Italy’s top three leagues for the remaining fixtures if a further suspension had been imposed according to Football Italia.

In the event that the campaign is completely cancelled, the federation states ‘tables will be defined by applying objective correction coefficients.’

The coefficients used would ‘account for the structure of the tables and/or the different number of matches played by the teams, which will in any case be used for promotions and relegations,’ although the winners of Serie A have not been listed.

However, if there is scope for even a partial continuation, a playoff structure might be introduced. The format is described as ‘a short playoff and playout stage,’ involving teams playing for top spots and those struggling to escape relegation to A, B and C.


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